Mendocino County and Hopland is rooted deep in agriculture, and some of California’s most iconic wine producers, such as John Parducci and the Fetzer family, chose to call Hopland their home. Since the 1850s, the region has developed a personality influenced by the values of independent family farmers, their respect of the land and their dedication to quality. Many families have lived for three or more generations on their land. Some of the Italian American landowners trace their roots to the first settlers. These legacy farmers deeply appreciate the connection between man and earth.

Mendocino County is also the birthplace of organic farming in the California wine industry.  Describing Mendocino as “America’s Greenest Wine Region,” the local farmers, grape growers and winemakers remain at the forefront of the sustainable, organic, Demeter certified Biodynamic®, and Fish Friendly Farming® movements.  The County has the highest percentage of acres farmed by sustainable/organic/biodynamic disciplines.  These farming strategies work with nature to grow quality crops.